With high-tech innovations in the field of indoor farming, robotisation and autonomous cultivation, Certhon is at the forefront of the revolution in our food systems. As the Tesla of food production technology, we offer solutions that existing and new markets demand. Our mission? Making fresh, safe and sustainably grown food available to everyone. Regardless of climate, location and conditions. A truly ambitious goal, but we know it can be done. You can be part of it!

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Welcome, this is Certhon

Welcome, this is Certhon


Together, we grow
as one

Climate experts, water experts, agronomists, experts in robotics, communication specialists and commercial geniuses… Certhon employs a wide range of professionals from all over the world. What do we have in common? Our ambition is to radically improve the way we grow crops and revolutionise our food systems in doing so. Every colleague contributes to this, in his or her unique way. All our individual knowledge, talents and ambitions add up to the fact that we dare to dream and act big.

What to expect

A sincere mission

Working at Certhon means contributing to new food systems. We are committed to more sustainable, healthier and cleaner food, which is available to everyone. A game-changing mission that we passionately believe in, and we expect the same passion of our colleagues.

Far-reaching innovation

Certhon leads the way as a knowledge expert with major innovations in the field of Greenhouse Solutions, Indoor Farming and Robot Harvesting to its name. We are as high tech as you can get. You can expect the most advanced technologies, a driven R&D department and specialists who love complex challenges and pioneering.

An international focus

If you want to change food systems, you have to think big. We have a strong international focus. With challenging projects all over the world and many international colleagues.

Room for growth

Every company says the same, but we actually offer these opportunities in practice. We even founded Certhon College to make good on this promise. At every stage of your career, we offer you new things to learn and try out.

Real team spirit

Goals as ambitious as ours cannot be achieved without the help of others. Collegiality and cooperation are very important to us. Consideration for each other's field of expertise, helping each other but also getting to know each other better while engaging in enjoyable activities.

The human touch

Even though our work is extremely technical, it's all about people at the end of the day. About satisfied customers with whom we have built up a good relationship. About colleagues who feel centred and ready for anything. We provide a working environment where everyone can feel comfortable.