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At Certhon, we change food systems from the inside out to create a world where everyone has access to healthy, safe and sustainable food. Tomatoes in the desert, lettuce in North America and strawberries in Hong Kong. All within the realms of possibility. And we prove it time and again. And this all starts in the Certhon Innovation Centre.


In the world’s largest in-house research laboratory, our plant scientists and engineers investigate, test and prove cultivation formulas and systems. For exceptional results, exactly the way you want them.

Certhon Innovation Centre

We’re breaking the rules of growing

At the Certhon Innovation Centre, we are creating the basis for higher yields, better quality and more nutrients. And most important of all: the ability to control, predict and guarantee crop results. Anywhere in the world. Regardless of the season or climate. We call this Hypergrowing. In a nutshell, that’s what we do.

Plant whisperers with a drive for data

Our agronomists are true plant whisperers who know everything there is to know about the scientific aspects of growing crops. They can tell you exactly what plants need and provide advice and support from the very beginning of the process. We conduct research into cultivation formulas, growth conditions and crop growing systems and come up with data analyses that offer you all the assurance you need. We also carry out crop cultivation trials. Specifically tailored to your question or ambition. This approach guarantees autonomous and optimal cultivation control.

Technology that works for you

How do you ensure that innovations in the fields of sensor technology, data analysis, climate control and robotics work together optimally in solutions that are truly future-proof? Not technology for the sake of technology, but technology applied usefully. Taking into account the (future) market needs and the wishes of growers and researchers. That is what we’re all about.

Our research fields

01. Sensor technology


02. Data analysis


03. Climate control


04. Robotics


05. Lighting programs


06. Crop cultivation trials


07. Test set-ups

Real results

240 m² research facility

In the Certhon Innovation Centre, the Certhon developed cultivation method for daylight-free cultivation of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants is optimized. In the 240 m² facility, with no less than eight indoor farms, research is ongoing to develop the crop system of the future.


Our latest innovation, Gronos, has been extensively tested and researched at the Certhon Innovation Centre. Gronos is the newest way of growing: a cultivation system that allows you to get the best out of your crop. Achieve year-round controlled yields, regardless of climate, with a customized tomato plant in the indoor growing system. Gronos is fully automated and truly a revolution in indoor farming.

Growing Advice

Based on the cultivation knowledge gained, Certhon can provide clients and partners with optimal advice and help them get started in the first years of cultivation. Furthermore, trial crops can be carried out to obtain reference figures and the facility gives the opportunity to see exactly how systems work in different indoor farms.


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