With our specially developed SuprimAir greenhouse system, you create the optimal growing climate for the crop all year round. Due to the fact that ventilation, lighting heating, and cooling are fully integrated. The application of the greenhouse system is mainly suitable for areas where a hot and dry climate makes it difficult to grow year-round, but in a more temperate-steady climate, the SuprimAir can also be an excellent solution. After all, every greenhouse is tailor-made by our experts.

Year-round high quality production

In the SuprimAir design, the greenhouse is equipped with a climate corridor that acts as a mixing chamber. This provides the best energy choices year-round for any time of day.

Homogeneous indoor environment

The exchange of indoor and outdoor air is regulated by the SuprimAir greenhouse system. This results in an optimal climate for all crops in every part of the greenhouse.

Saving in energy and costs

The design plays a vital role in optimizing the use of energy, reducing emissions and reducing CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide is thereby kept inside the greenhouse as much as possible and reused for cultivation.

About the system

Optimal climatic conditions

The SuprimAir greenhouse system brings many advantages, such as regulating production in such a way that the grower enters the fall with a strong plant. In addition, the ingenious cooling system makes it possible to switch day and night between an adiabatic process and mechanical cooling. In this way, you again achieve the best climate conditions for the crop.

Extra possibilities

Year-round best amount of light

You can also passively equip the greenhouse with a smart shell, using unique screen control that allows you to infinitely adjust the light level to achieve any desired light level. Once you combine the SuprimAir greenhouse system with LED top lighting, you create a state-of-the-art greenhouse with a year-round ideal climate, at relatively low energy consumption.

Unique elements

Every element of the SuprimAir was created through strong collaboration between our many departments within Certhon.

No insect access

Thanks to the SuprimAir system's overpressure, insects are kept out of the greenhouse, making the use of pesticides during cultivation little to nonexistent.

Better quality and more yield

Compared to traditional greenhouses, a SuprimAir greenhouse produces 15% more yield on an annual basis, and thanks to the homogeneous indoor climate, better crop quality is achieved.

"It's the combination of smart technology, agronomy and the philosophy that only when you have all the expertise in house do you really achieve sustainable success. That's what makes us different and what we are proud of."
John van der Sande Founder and CINO Certhon


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