A groundbreaking yield forecasting software created for lettuce growers, empowering them with the certainty needed to make informed decisions and guarantee supply reliability. With Thevi, growers can achieve unprecedented accuracy in predicting future crop yields. The forecasting solution enables growers to maintain control over output and optimize pricing strategies.

In a time marked by fluctuating energy costs and the challenges of managing large agricultural spaces, relying solely on traditional methods is no longer sufficient. Recognizing these challenges, agronomists and engineers at Certhon embarked on a journey of research and innovation. The result: Thevi.

Forecast with confidence

With an advanced software with deep learning technology, Thevi can then make highly accurate yield predictions, with up to 95% accuracy. These predictions take into account influences from both inside and outside the greenhouse.

Informed decisions

In today’s dynamic market, with fluctuating energy prices, large acreages to manage, and strong position of retail requires high delivery reliability. Thevi shows you whether you’re on track with your predicted yield and make adjustments if needed.

Best price for your crop

Knowing how much yield to expect, so you can set the right expectations with your buyers. Or adjust your targets based on customer demand and see when you can deliver in an instant.

Thevi Dashboard
About the system

How it works

Thevi leverages cutting-edge deep learning technology that meticulously analyzes images captured by cameras within the greenhouse. The sophisticated software enables Thevi to deliver highly precise yield predictions with an impressive accuracy rate of up to 95%. By considering factors both within and outside the greenhouse, such as LED lighting and weather conditions, Thevi provides comprehensive insights for growers. Accessible through an intuitive dashboard, all harvest predictions are readily available, empowering growers with the certainty they need to plan effectively and optimize pricing strategies to secure the best returns for their produce.

Thevi - Lettuce Image

Part of a bigger picture

At Certhon, we recognize the unique relationship between plants, technology, and growers. Thevi embodies our vision by merging our deep plant knowledge with innovative technology. It underscores our dedication to providing tailored solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of growers. Our ability to translate knowledge into concrete solutions like Thevi shows our commitment to supporting growers with resources and tools tailored to their needs and challenges.

“Ingenuity and innovation are the core of our mission. We have been reinventing cultivation systems for decades. Combining smart technology, agronomy and the philosophy that you need all disciplines under your own roof is our recipe for true and sustainable success. That makes us different, and we are proud of it.”
John van der Sande Co-founder and CINO Certhon


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