Welcome to the agricultural revolution

Controlled, all-year-round, climate-independent and local cultivation. Without daylight and with an extremely high yield, fantastic quality and superb flavour. Our indoor growing solutions take agriculture to a whole new level. Large scale, autonomous and commercial, or small-scale for extremely accurate research, anything is possible. Certhon offers a custom-made solution for every situation.

Indoor Farming

Think bigger. Think higher profits.

Certhon offers optimal yield, extreme water economy and full control over growth, ingredients and quality. Without daylight, backed by our guarantee and anywhere in the world. From climate to internal logistics, our solutions make fully autonomous growing the new standard. Our custom-made indoor growing environments and robotics solutions prove it is possible time and time again. In the Certhon Innovation Centre, we have been researching the best ways of using indoor growing for the last 10 years. For every climate and with guaranteed yield. Take our project in the Abu Dhabi desert for instance: the world’s most advanced indoor farm. While it is 50 degrees outside, inside the most beautiful tomatoes are cultivated deploying the most sustainable methods, for local top chefs, all year round.

High and predictable yields of the best quality. In all seasons and anywhere in the world.

Indoor farming is the answer to the challenging food transitions that have been triggered by a growing global population. When you tackle this in the right way, you not only create shorter value chains that deliver a fresher product, achieve greater efficiency in terms of space utilisation and crop yields and eliminate CO2 emissions, you can also grow:


  • climate-independently: all year round and anywhere in the world
  • with ultimate control: exactly the yield you want
  • more sustainably: all electric and 90% less water usage
  • healthier produce: increased nutrients or medicinal qualities
  • with ultimate hygiene: free of pesticides and insects.
  • grow autonomously: making cultivation available to everyone
  • and generate a greater harvest: high yields per square metre, with excellent quality and flavour

Unique concepts

The more complex the project, the greater the impact our solutions have. Our cultivation systems take large-scale daylight-free and autonomous growing to the highest level:

Gronos Indoor Farming Automation

Gronos for Tomatoes

A unique cultivation method for indoor tomato production that is highly profitable.

A revolutionary concept for indoor lettuce cultivation

For the propagation and production of lettuce, we’ve developed a unique indoor system in which the various cultivation layers on top of each other form an integrated installation construction with LED lighting.

Autonomous tomato harvesting

Get to know the Certhon Harvest Robot: an independent operating and self-learning robot that detects, cuts and transports tomatoes to boxes all by itself.

Guaranteed results thanks to our own research centre

Our own indoor research centre is one of the world's largest. We know exactly what plants need, and develop optimal recipes, allowing you to grow the best results.

“Our indoor farm from Certhon uses a fraction of the normal water consumption and has increased our yield and quality. We can now supply fresh tomatoes to the local markets in Abu Dhabi all year round."
Mr. AlMulla Owner, Madar Farms


Whatever you need – climate experts, water experts, agronomists, experts in robotics – we are your knowledge partner in every field. We have a single shared mission: to simulate and guarantee in advance exactly what your output will be. In addition, we have many unique innovations to our name, in every field.

Greenhouse construction
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Electro technology
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Growth Guarantee

Results count. We give you added assurance with our Growth Guarantee in every growing environment we create.

Plant Guarantee

The optimal conditions for every crop. The pre-calculated harvest yield, possibly with the quality and nutrients we have tested in advance. The result: optimal growing performance with minimal pesticide use.

Technical Guarantee

In the Certhon Innovation Centre we create a set-up simulating your growing environment. Our research helps you to choose the best variety. We test this in combination with types of light, climate, irrigation methods and optimum integration of logistics and robotisation. So that you know exactly what output to expect.

Labour Guarantee

A smart infrastructure and optimum integration of internal logistics and robotisation for maximum labour efficiency, both in production and in research environments.


Yield as a service

As the supplier of one of the most advanced cultivation systems available in the world today, our next step will be to launch Yield as a service – freshly grown produce from farms on your doorstep. Locally grown, locally harvested and locally sold.


Your own greenhouse or indoor farm close to your company and customers, run and managed for you. From cultivation to final harvesting. Guaranteed local supply, high quality and adequate volume. You get exactly what you want, how you want it and where you want it.


This is the future for the true trailblazers in food, hospitality, transport and other sectors who understand that local, fresh and healthy is the new norm, but don’t want to get involved in cultivation themselves. As far as we are concerned, that future starts today. We have what it takes to realise your ambitions and rise to the challenge.

Why Certhon?

01. 125 years of Dutch ingenuity

All over the world. We are an EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and have been internationally active since 1869, with a strong focus on R&D.

02. Feasibility studies

Your consumption and output precisely simulated and guaranteed in advance.

03. In-house experts

Climate experts, water experts, agronomists and experts in robotics: all disciplines under one roof. Plus a global partner network of market leaders such as Priva, Signify and DENSO.

04. Innovation as our core value

We invest more than 10% of our turnover in R&D each year, have the world’s largest in-house research laboratory and use the most innovative research techniques.

05. Sustainable Development Goals

We work in line with Sustainable Development Goals and show how we achieve them.

06. Guaranteed results

Exactly the output you want, exactly when you want it, with 24/7 support.


We make the impossible, possible.



Curious about the results we could achieve for you? Our international team would love to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Martin Veenstra Sales Consultant
Timo Kleijwegt Sales Consultant