I want to invest in a successful business

You invest in big opportunities. In the projects of tomorrow that will make the world a better place. But not without the guarantee of a high ROI. The future lies in the agricultural sector. And we know the way.


Invest in the agricultural revolution. We deliver results.

With smart growing solutions, advanced greenhouse construction and indoor farming, we are not only one step ahead of the agricultural revolution. We also deliver the guarantees you are looking for thanks to our in-house research centre, our test cases and feasibility studies. Together, we are building a food system that is more sustainable and healthier. With guaranteed results.


Feasibility studies

Climate experts, water specialists, agronomists, experts in robotics – we have all these specialists under one roof. We have a single shared mission: to simulate and guarantee in advance exactly what your output will be and minimise your risk exposure.


Our feasibility studies are unique because we have developed our own simulation software to calculate the required climate in any situation and compare different scenarios. In our own research lab, we test everything in advance in a realistic setting. That way, we always make the best choice together.

What does your plan require in terms of investment? What will your ROI be when you apply our approach and technologies? What is the situation regarding government grants and permits? We are happy to share our knowledge and help you complete this process. We know what is going on in horticulture around the world. So after the initial quick scan for funding, we can sit down with you to accurately calculate the output you want.
Crop growth comparisons
What crops offer the best investment opportunities and what technical environment is suitable for growing them? We provide advice and test our recommendations extensively at our Certhon Innovation Centre. Not only do these tests give you a realistic idea of the possibilities, but you can also experiment with your own crop and end up with a reliable yield prediction.
Reuse of energy, heat pumps, heat and cold storage, all-electric greenhouses without fossil fuels, linking biogas plants to residual flows from factories. We have done it all in our projects. We would love to show you exactly how this can benefit you. We have our own programs that allow us to map energy consumption and yield, and identify how you can reduce your cost price. We also map water flows and produce reports (6000-21 certified) for your ideal ATES system, including KPIs.
We run simulations to predict and optimise the climate and air flows in your project. Of course, we take the local climate conditions into account when doing so. We have our own simulation software that calculates this specifically for you. So you can compare scenarios and make a secure choice that guarantees the output you want.

Growth Guarantee

Results count. In every growing environment we create, we give you added assurance with our Growth Guarantee.

Plant Guarantee

The optimal conditions for every crop. The pre-calculated harvest yield, possibly with the quality and nutrients we have tested in advance. The result: optimal growing performance with minimal pesticide use.

Technical Guarantee

What is achievable with each technical option? You receive precise calculations relating to climate, energy, water security and light security. We also calculate the load that the greenhouse structure can withstand – hurricanes, heavy snow loads and extremely strong gusts of wind. We give you a guarantee for all types of weather.

Labour Guarantee

A smart infrastructure for maximum labour efficiency, both in production and in research environments. Or the use of robots to reduce manual labour.


Yield as a service

Today, we deliver some of the most advanced growing systems. Tomorrow, we intend to deliver Yield as a service – fresh food at your doorstep. Locally grown, harvested and delivered.


Your own greenhouse or indoor farm close to your company and customers, run and managed for you. From cultivation to final harvesting. Guaranteed local supply, high quality and adequate volume. You get exactly what you want, how you want it and where you want it.


This is the future for the true trailblazers in food, hospitality, transport and other sectors who understand that local, fresh and healthy is the new norm, but don’t want to get involved in cultivation themselves. As far as we are concerned, that future starts today. We have what it takes to realise your ambitions and rise to the challenge.

The process

01. Ambition

We start with your ambitions. Where do you see opportunities and how do we translate those opportunities into a concrete plan? We enjoy being challenged.

02. Financial

What will be your ROI when you apply our approach and technologies? What is the situation with government grants and permits? We are happy to help you complete this process.

03. Testing

What does work, and what doesn’t? What will be your guaranteed output? We test every aspect.

04. Design

Based on the analyses, we produce a design. We put together a project team with a specialist for each discipline.

05. Realisation

We make sure everything runs smoothly, arrange commissioning and, if required, train your people.

06. Support

With our knowledge and network, you are assured of all the support you need. We can recruit growers, provide agronomic support and obviously we offer 24/7 technical support.

Why Certhon?

01. 125 years of Dutch ingenuity. All over the world.

We are an EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and have been internationally active since 1869, with a strong focus on R&D.

02. Feasibility studies

Your consumption and output precisely simulated and guaranteed in advance.

03. In-house experts

Climate experts, water experts, agronomists and experts in robotics: all disciplines under one roof. Plus a global partner network of market leaders such as Priva, Signify and DENSO.

04. Innovation as our core value

We invest more than 10% of turnover in R&D each year, have the world’s largest in-house research laboratory and use the most innovative research techniques.

05. Sustainable Development Goals

We work in line with Sustainable Development Goals and show how we achieve them.

06. Guaranteed results

Exactly the output you want, exactly when you want it, with 24/7 support.

Unique results

We combine generations of ingenuity with decades of progress to successfully take on the most challenging projects. The more complex the project, the greater the impact our solutions have. The following are projects of which we are especially proud:

World’s first commercial-scale indoor farm for growing fresh tomatoes in the desert

A technology-driven farm for the most sustainable food production, with excellent, year-round produce. Produce that is finding its way to top chefs in the UAE.

Retailer in Russia produces its own food supply

A fully integrated greenhouse for the biggest retailer in Russia that stands for growth guarantee.

The greenhouse as a sustainable energy source

By installing a heat pump system with aquifers, the greenhouse can be heated ánd cooled. Thanks to the use of residual heat, the greenhouses operate as a highly efficient energy source. The result: a 20% reduction in energy costs.

Gronos Indoor Farming Automation

Gronos for Tomatoes

A unique cultivation method for indoor tomato production that is highly profitable.


We make the impossible, possible.


Do you also want to build a successful business? We’d be happy to tell you more. Our international team can help with all your questions.

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