Cookie Policy

On our website, we use different types of cookies. We think it’s important that you have control over your online privacy yourself. That is why we are clear about what cookies we use and what we use them for.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit the website. In these cookies, information about your website visit is stored. With cookies, for example, a website can recognize you on your next visit. This is useful if you don’t want to log in again and again.

Functional cookies

We always place functional cookies and these are necessary for the website to work properly. These cookies are used anonymously and allow us to perform our online services.

Marketing cookies

Only when you agree to the placing of cookies, we also place a number of other non-functional cookies. These all have different purposes and ensure that we can improve our services. For example, we use cookies to test for improvements on our website, show social media buttons or to show relevant advertisements for our services on other websites.

Statistics cookies

Statistics cookies allow us to measure website visits: for example how often our site is visited and what information visitors are looking for. This way, we know which parts of the site are popular and how to improve our website. We cannot trace the statistics we collect back to a person. This data will be made anonymous after collection. With Google Analytics, we can better understand the data. We always place the analytical cookies when you visit our website.

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can block your cookies via your browser. If you block all cookies, websites may work less well. That is why you should only selectively disable the unwanted cookies via the settings of your browser. This way, you also block cookies from other websites right away.

Do you not want to have placed cookies from our website? Then choose in the Cookie Settings on our website not to allow certain cookies. You will see this notification when you first visit our site. If you have previously accepted our cookies, you will no longer see this notification and you must first delete our cookies.