Growing anything, anywhere. For everyone.

Certhon Circle

Imagine a world that is not bound by rules. Where anything can be grown anywhere. Regardless of the season or climate. A world where everyone has access to healthy, safe and sustainable food. At Certhon, we change food systems from the inside out.


Growing anything, anywhere. For everyone. That’s the plan. Tomatoes in the desert, lettuce in North America and strawberries in Hong Kong. All within the realms of possibility. And we prove it time and again. New possibilities, better results and greater yields and revenues. Because when you combine smart technology and plant science with the will to tackle the most complex challenges, you reap excellent results. Backed up by our guarantee.


Fresh tomatoes in the desert

Board Message - Lotte van Rijn: an open invitation

Let’s make the impossible, possible. Now is the time.

“In horticulture, the phrase ‘step outside your comfort zone’ has never been more relevant than it is today. At a time when food issues, energy transitions and climate change all require our attention, new innovations and technologies are opening up countless new perspectives. We have a clear view of the future: Growing anything, anywhere. For everyone. But we cannot and have no desire to do this on our own. After all, true progress can only be achieved when you combine vision and ideas.


Growers, researchers, investors, but also trailblazers in food delivery, hospitality, transport and every other industry you can think of that needs fresh food. I would like to extend an open invitation to all of you. Share your ambitions with us, challenge us. We are at our best when we make the impossible happen. Now is the time.”

Our commitment

We are rethinking the world’s food systems. To make them better.

The food transition is a huge challenge. But we mainly see opportunities. Obviously, you cannot change complex systems in a day, and certainly not on your own. We work with growers, researchers, investors and other trailblazers every day to create a better system.


More local – Grow any crop anywhere in the world in a climate-independent manner thanks to the most advanced expertise and technologies available.


Healthier – More nutritious and fresher food from more local sources thanks to research and technology.


More sustainable – Sustainable climate and energy systems and emission-free cultivation based on an all-electric approach.


Safer – Clean, autonomous and hygienic cultivation and harvesting solutions for greater food safety.

Year round bell-peppers in extremely cold regions

Who we are

When plants and AI grow as one, the entire world changes

At Certhon, we advise on and develop turnkey, tailor-made concepts for the most high-tech horticultural projects, anywhere in the world. We started in 1896 as a family business and are now a  partner of DENSO, a market leader and pioneer in robotics and automotive technologies, systems and products.


Thanks to our foresight and determined mindset, we have become the knowledge partner of choice for the most advanced, large-scale greenhouse projects in the world, indoor farms, yield as a service and robotics.

John van der Sande – Founder & CINO Certhon

Rewriting the rules of growing

“Ingenuity and innovation are the core of our mission. We have been reinventing cultivation systems for decades. Combining smart technology, agronomy and the philosophy that you need all disciplines under your own roof is our recipe for true and sustainable success. That makes us different, and we are proud of it.”


The perfect mix: world-leading robotics experts and the number one innovator in horticulture

DENSO has a reputation as the ‘crème de la crème’ in robotics. Their ‘Kaizen’ philosophy revolves around an iterative approach. Repeat what works, keep improving and don’t stop at ‘good enough’. Only the very best result counts. When you combine that with our Dutch ingenuity and knowledge of horticulture, you get the most advanced crop growing solutions available. Good for the planet and profitable for your business. Backed up by our guarantee.

Delicious strawberries in Hongkong

By questioning the status quo of growing we can constantly improve how we feed and green the world

We believe in a healthy world for everyone. In terms of food, ecology and the economy. So we continually challenge ourselves and our customers, not only to reinvent food systems, but also to help shape a healthy economic climate that matches those beliefs.

Certhon Sustainable Development Goals

95% less water use


Innovative growing systems and shortened and resilient supply chains


Sustainable production, less food waste


All electric production


Local, safe and sustainable food. Even in extreme conditions


ISO 9001
NEN-EN 1090-1