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Perfect growing conditions, better quality and greater yields. We have everything under one roof to predict and guarantee the best possible outcomes for you. For all crops, anywhere in the world.

Turnkey Greenhouses

Get the most out of your greenhouse

How can you get the most out of your greenhouse? The answer to this question involves much more than just the greenhouse itself. Attention needs to be paid to the design, the technical systems and climate control, and, above all else, the needs of the plant itself. So we do not see a greenhouse as a stand-alone item. For us, a greenhouse is part of a total concept.


With our own climate and water experts, engineers, agronomists and robot experts, we have many unique innovations to our name. We are your knowledge partner in every field.

Greenhouse construction
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Electro technology
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Growth Guarantee

Results count. We give you added assurance with our Growth Guarantee in every growing environment we create.

Plant Guarantee

The optimal conditions for every crop. The pre-calculated harvest yield, possibly with the quality and nutrients we have tested in advance. The result: optimal growing performance with minimal pesticide use.

Technical Guarantee

You receive precise calculations relating to climate, energy, water security and light security. We also calculate the load that the greenhouse structure can withstand – hurricanes, heavy snow loads and extremely strong gusts of wind. We give you a guarantee for all types of weather.


Labour Guarantee

A smart infrastructure for maximum labour efficiency, both in production and in research environments. Or the use of robots to reduce manual labour.

Unique solutions

We combine generations of ingenuity with decades of progress to successfully take on the most challenging projects. The more complex the project, the greater the impact our solutions have. The following are projects of which we are especially proud:

The greenhouse as a sustainable energy source

Thanks to JSK cooling and use of residual heat, the greenhouses operate as a highly efficient energy source. The result: 20% less energy costs.

A heating system based on a geothermal heat source

One of our largest projects worldwide where geothermal heat is being used to heat the greenhouse. It ensures an increase in production and quality of the roses. Because CO2 is being extracted from the soil, further use of fossil fuels is not necessary.

Generating heat with sun panels

With a sunpark it is also possible to generate heat from the sun, instead of power. This is a relatively new and sustainable technique that works with solar heat panels.

Clever air circulation with JSK coolers

To cool the greenhouse, we install JSK systems. The JSK takes in warm air from above the crop and after being cooled down by the system, the cool air is blown out underneath the crop. The result: an optimal climate in each room.

"The challenge is to achieve good fruit quality all year round. Certhon supplied all the tools to achieve that high level of quality, not only in the summer but also in the winter. They were my choice as the most innovative partner.”
Pascal Delahaye Owner, Le Jardin de Rabelais


We make the impossible, possible.



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