JSK coolingsystem

The JSK is a world first in true high precision cooling. This unique cooling system, developed by Certhon, can be used for cooling and dehumidification of a greenhouse. In doing so, the smart air circulation ensures extremely evenly distributed air. In combination with the control of relative humidity and temperature, this means that the climate in the greenhouse is completely under control. 

An optimal climate

With insights into the climate around each JSK due to smart temperature controls and individual control of each JSK, you can create a balanced temperature distribution in the greenhouse. 

Saving on energy costs

Thanks to JSK cooling and the use of residual heat, the greenhouses operate as a highly efficient source of energy. The result is significantly lower energy costs. 

Smart air circulation

A JSK is not only a perfect installation for cooling the greenhouse, but heating and dehumidifying is also possible with the JSK cooler. This way, the right climate for the crop is always achieved.

About the system

How it works

The JSK extracts heat from above the crop. After being brought down in temperature by the heat exchanger, the cooled air is blown out under the crop. Because of the balanced way of blowing out, the cooled air is evenly distributed and keeps the greenhouse climate consistent. During cooler periods, the JSK can also heat and/or dehumidify the greenhouse the same way. With just a minimal amount of warmth, the JSK can already heat the greenhouse. 

Extra opportunity for sustainability

The greenhouse as a source of energy

What we want is for the greenhouse to function optimally as a source of energy. Thus, we encourage the use of residual heat. By cooling the greenhouse with JSKs, we ‘harvest’ the heat in the summer, so to speak. In combination with heat pumps, we store it in the ground and in winter we then heat the greenhouse again with that previously stored heat. This results in a greenhouse functioning as a highly efficient energy source. 

Successful projects

Every element of the SuprimAir has come about through strong collaboration between our many departments within Certhon. There are several projects where the JSK has proved successful:

Koppert Cress

Thanks to the combination of innovative technologies such as the JSK cooling systems, heat pumps and surface water cooling, Koppert Cress can harvest energy and store excess heat in a highly efficient manner. This results in a 20% reduction in energy costs.

Ter Laak

In order to cool the greenhouse, we installed 125 JSK cooling systems. The JSK draws in warm air from above the crop and after cooling by the system, cool air is blown out below the crop.


The addition of the JSK cooling systems in all eight sections of the greenhouse allows Sunniva to run more controlled, higher quality, faster and increased production.


The JSK systems provide an optimal climate in the growing rooms because they are able to cool as well as heat and dehumidify the growing rooms.

"It's the combination of smart technology, agronomy and the philosophy that only when you have all the expertise in house do you really achieve sustainable success. That's what makes us different and what we are proud of."
John van der Sande Founder and CINO Certhon


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