I want to do my research with the most innovative tools

Research and plant breeding are invaluable in our industry. Provided you can research everything you want, in the way you want. In a controlled manner, with optimally accurate data and an extensive set of cultivation formulas. We specialize in setting up the most advanced research environments. Across the full research spectrum. Advanced, custom-made, and with pre-tested output. So that you achieve results you can build on.

We offer you the most innovative tools for the most accurate results

We provide the best conditions in every area. Ranging from climate to irrigation, and from light and energy to software. Before we build your custom-made research environment, we jointly test everything in advance at the Certhon Innovation Centre, so that you can try out and compare all the possible scenarios beforehand. We guarantee an environment that gives you ultimate control, exactly the way you want it.

Feasibility studies

We give assurance that you can investigate what you want, how you want it. Thanks to our own research lab, you have the unique opportunity of testing all the scenarios and options in advance and assessing them based on your target result.

We test all feasibility aspects in terms of climate beforehand. Both via our simulation programs and in practice at the Certhon Innovation Centre. So that you know exactly what output each technical option generates and can make a safe choice. We can create the full range of climatic conditions: everything from stress chambers to plant nursery chambers.
Crop growth comparisons
We create a set-up at the Certhon Innovation Centre in order to simulate your research environment. We test all types of lighting, all irrigation techniques and the full range of climatic conditions. We also produce plant models for your type of crop. Not only does this give you a realistic picture of the options, you can channel your research in different directions and ultimately make a well-considered choice.
We have our own programs for testing in advance how much power you will use and the cooling and heating capacity you require.
Effectiveness and efficiency go hand in hand for us. We support you with our expertise until we have a detailed plan for the best crop cultivation chambers that deliver the output you want at the right price.

Control Guarantee

You can’t achieve good results without control. We give you added assurance with our Contact Guarantee in every research environment we create. Across the full research spectrum.

Plant Guarantee

Whatever you want to achieve in whatever circumstances. Everything is possible. Whether you require exact uniformity, more nutrients or stronger plants, we can influence all these processes in a controlled way. And conduct tests with you beforehand to prove the concept.

Technical Guarantee

You receive exact calculations and can test the effects of all types of climate, forms of lighting and irrigation methods beforehand in different cells to make sure that you will achieve the output you want.

Data Guarantee

Everything is reproducible, accessible and controllable via the climate computer running our Phytotron software that lets you view and export the data you need.

The process

01. Statement of requirements

We start with the expectations and questions of the end-users, the growers and researchers. What final result do you want, what are the areas where you want to be able to test, what does your ideal environment for this look like?

02. Advice

We have years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge and put those resources at your disposal. How can we raise your research environment to the next level? We enjoy the challenge of making the near-impossible happen.

03. Design

We create a detailed 3D representation of your ideal research environment, so that you can see exactly what you will get. In addition, we can simulate everything and predict and guarantee what results you will achieve in all areas; climate, light output, etc.

04. Testing

The next step is to test everything in a joint programme at the Certhon Innovation Centre. The climate, the lighting, the irrigation, the data application, the plant models and the energy requirements to ensure that you make choices that get guaranteed results.

05. Quote

Only after the entire plan has been extensively tested and optimised do we draw up a quote for your ideal solution and the appropriate investments.

06. Project Realisation & Support

After completion, we obviously remain committed to giving you advice, providing 24/7 technical support and taking any follow-up action needed.

Why Certhon?

01. 125 years of Dutch ingenuity. All over the world.

Internationally active since 1869, with a strong focus on R&D and a solid reputation in the field of (international) research.

02. Certhon Innovation Centre

The world’s largest in-house research laboratory.

03. In-house research

Using the most innovative research techniques.

04. In-house experts

From climate experts to water experts, from agronomists to experts in robotics.

05. Feasibility studies

Your consumption and output simulated and guaranteed in advance.

06. Guaranteed results

Exactly the output you want, exactly when you want it, with 24/7 support.

Unique results

We combine generations of ingenuity with decades of progress to successfully take on the most challenging projects. The more complex the project, the greater the impact our solutions have. The following are projects of which we are especially proud:

Unique and custom-made lighting configuration

We develop a lighting configuration together with the customer to ensure a good choice based on wishes and requirements. We make exact calculations to determine the type of lighting and lighting applications beforehand and then generate detailed data exports (every 15 seconds) to ensure that the output is exactly what you want.

Uniform amount of light

A uniform amount of light during the entire growing process. Targeted lighting based on our own 3D lighting concept, which ensures that the head of the plant is continuously exposed to the same flow of photons in mmol/s/m².

Unique LED lighting application

We have developed a self-cooling LED lighting system specifically for research chambers.

Uniform temperature and humidity control

Exactly as you wish, everything is possible, and we test everything in advance at the Certhon Innovation Centre.

Plant models

Models you can use to monitor and regulate. For perfect control.

Complete data export

An open data export of all climate, lighting and energy data to other software packages. Ideal for further research.


We make the impossible, possible.


Do you also want the most innovative growing environments for your research? We’ll be happy to tell you more. Our international team can help with all your questions.

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