Creating the ideal climate for your crops requires an integral approach to climate control. We upgrade existing plant and develop new systems that meet the requirements of tomorrow. Geothermal heat, water pumps, solar panels and well systems; we develop them ourselves. Using our own simulation software, we can accurately predict everything in advance. Furthermore, our unique and proven Certhon Control Systems software ensures that your climate system runs optimally.

Our innovative solutions

JSK cooler

A world first in true high-precision cooling. This unique cooling system, developed by us, can be used for both top and bottom cooling. The result is evenly distributed air, both horizontally and vertically.


This thermal solar panel has been specially developed for the horticultural sector and is suitable for large-scale projects. Thanks to clever design, the SanSolar achieves the highest efficiency currently possible in horticulture. For example, the panels can heat water to 70 degrees Celsius and above.


Heating your greenhouse with biogas requires complex engineering. At Certhon, we design and implement the best solution, tailored to your situation.

Heat and cold storage (ATES)

At Certhon, we offer you a complete package of expertise and technical equipment to automate the heat pumps and underground sources at your company site. Our proprietary ATES solution allows you to sustainably generate heat and cold and deliver those flows efficiently in the greenhouse.


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