Greenhouse construction

Based on over 125 years of ingenuity, we always come up with the best structural design, layout and logistics for your project. We know that every project is different and that every climate requires a different solution.


We see the greenhouse as the structural backbone of a turnkey project, and we help with your strategy, layout and logistics. Across the whole spectrum, from the cultivation environment to the technical areas, sorting and processing areas, offices and staff facilities. Our starting point is always to achieve the highest possible yield and quality, in combination with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Our innovative solutions

Traditional greenhouse

A classical original exterior with the most high-tech systems on the inside. To achieve the maximum yield for your crop.

Semi-closed and completely closed greenhouse

A unique concept that combines ‘The New Way of Growing’ with ‘Fan & Pad Technology’ (evaporative cooling). Thanks to an ingenious combination of greenhouse design, ventilation, climate control and building control, you can create an ideal climate all year round and still achieve considerable energy savings.

Plastic greenhouse made from ETFE film

Besides designing and constructing glass greenhouses, we also develop plastic film greenhouses in-house. A plastic greenhouse covered with high-quality and diffuse ETFE film material allows greater light and UV transmission. At the same time, the use of ETFE increases production and delivery security by minimising the risk of hail and storm damage.

The perfect greenhouse for any crop

With the right heating & cooling systems and build in the most sustainable way. Tailor-made for any crop. Whether it is for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries, or strawberries. A perfectly build greenhouse to get the most out of your crop.

Indoor farming

Perfect climate control at all times, in a single-layer or multilayer cultivation system. With an indoor farm, you develop your very own microclimate. We develop and supply the heating, cooling and air treatment systems, the LED/HID/fluorescent lighting, the irrigation and CO2 controls and the cultivation tables.


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