Electro technology

We understand the complex integral processes of a high-tech farm better than anyone. How they work, how they influence each other and what the requirements are worldwide. We deliver reliable and advanced solutions for every conceivable type of electrical system, (LED) lighting and automation.

Our innovative solutions

Computer systems

At Certhon, we build our own hardware, software and infrastructure. Our approach ensures that you (or your contractor) can control and monitor your greenhouse in real time, from any location of your choice.

LED lighting

Our policy of looking for the right solutions for every project also applies to lighting. We have developed our own water-cooled LED grow lights, and are also a partner of Signify. Engineering the best result for your crop is our primary consideration and we look for the most effective form of lighting for your needs. We respond optimally to all specific market demands and our goal is to show you the ideal lighting configuration for your greenhouse or indoor farm.


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