Turnkey greenhouse project for Hungarian cucumber grower

Greencoop, Hungary


For Greencoop, we completed a 6.1 hectare turnkey greenhouse. With a column height of seven meters and powder-coated steel, it has become an eye-catching structure. The white steel has several advantages. Hygiene for example, because this greenhouse easier to clean, but also certainly in light. White reflects and ensures a better distribution of light and in addition, the greenhouse does not heat up too quickly. The greenhouse deck has frameless vents, which also ensures that more light enters.

Water quality was one of the starting points for this project. This greenhouse has several options for getting the water as clean and safe as possible. These include a reverse osmosis system, water circulation and UV treatment.


Crop Cucumber
Size 6,1 hectare
Location Ács, Hongary
Type Traditional greenhouse
Client Greencoop
Certhon Project Hongarije

Unique results

With every project, we give everything we have. We think along and we think further. In this project, too, that results in special highlights:

Cascading systeem

As much energy as possible from the geothermal source is used for the three heating systems, and additional mixing valves have been deployed to create a cascade system.

Special heat exchangers

A special feature of the project is that two titanium heat exchangers were used to heat the greenhouse and they are connected to the geothermal source. For the very cold days in winter and for operational safety, there are still two gas boilers in the boiler room.

Heat storage tank

To continuously supply this greenhouse with the right amount of energy, a large buffer tank of 2,400 cubic meters was realized. This buffer tank is connected, via heat exchangers, to the geothermal source of 70 - 72 °C, as well as to the two gas boilers.

Water quality

The spring water is completely cleaned by a reverse osmosis (RO) system. The water is recirculated and disinfected by UV treatment before returning to the plant. For operational reliability, the irrigation system consists of four Nutriflex pumping and metering units.


If temperature above the closed screen is known, a better estimation of the appropriate screen or ventilation strategy can be made. Therefore, we installed temperature sensors in each department above the screen. We can also achieve an even better climate with the high-pressure fogging system, with which we improve humidity and cool the greenhouse air.


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Levente Kovacs Sales Manager
Jeffrey van der Sande Area Sales Manager