Next level in research activities Rijk Zwaan with modern growth chambers

Rijk Zwaan, The Netherlands


Today, Rijk Zwaan belongs to the top 5 of vegetable breeders in the world. A good, long-term relationship is established with Rijk Zwaan based on an obvious goal: to provide them with the most innovative tools to carry out their research activities down to the finest detail. Based on the requirements of Rijk Zwaan and the knowledge of Certhon in the field of indoor farming and crop research, we have designed, built, and equipped this project, resulting in a unique and tailor-made solution.

Crop Several seed varieties
Size 3.200m2
Location De Lier & Fijnaart,
The Netherlands
Type Indoor Farms & Research
Client Rijk Zwaan

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

The most advanced technology

The climate chamber is equipped with water-cooled LED lighting, and a climate system for cooling, heating, humidifying and dehumidifying. Excess heat from the greenhouse is being re-used to heat the growth chambers.

Always the right growth stage

Sometimes it is necessary to keep a plant in a certain growth stage. In this chamber, plants are given the ideal climatic conditions to develop optimally in that particular growth stage.

Connected to an air-conditioned corridor

Multiple climate chambers are linked to an air-conditioned corridor. Each room is equipped with LED lighting, an irrigation system and a climate system for cooling, heating, humidifying and dehumidifying.

A very accurate climate control

Temperature, humidity and light can be controlled and monitored in each growth chamber to the smallest detail, from one single control point.

Flexible cultivation tables

The cultivation tables can move around the entire climate chamber and can be taken out of the system for planting activities.


With the Aquifer Storage & Recovery system, you create continuous availability of clean water. Storage capacity is usually not a problem underground and the costs are low. Especially in areas where water shortages due to drought and seasonal scarcity are a problem, underground water storage is a smart and functional solution. If the provided soil allows it.

"Together with Certhon, we are constantly searching for the limits of plant cultivation technology. Certhon thinks along with us for 10 years now, to make the most challenging projects successful. It always brings a result that we can work with excellently."
William Voermans Head Cell Biology Implementation Rijk Zwaan


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John van der Sande Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)
Jeffrey van der Sande Area Sales Manager