One of the most high-tech research facilities ever built within the sugar industry

SESVanderHave, Belgium


The normal development process of sugar beet varieties takes ten years. With the research centre of SESVanderHave, they can make the development process much better ánd faster. In this state-of-the-art research centre, the company can apply independent climate control in each compartment and analyze all growth factors in their finest details, regardless of the weather or season. This is a huge benefit, as the climate patterns, soil types and diseases widely vary between the different countries that SESVanderHave supplies.

Crop Sugar beet seeds
Size 30 growth chambers
Location Tienen, Belgium
Type Research, Indoor Farms, and Greenhouse
Client SESVanderHave

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

Thirty growth chambers

In the built of their new innovation centre, we designed and realized thirty multi-layered growth chambers, including the whole climate, lighting, heating and irrigation systems.

LED lighting to stress the plants

To investigate what the ideal climate conditions are for the plants, stress chambers with Certhon's own LED lamps have been installed. In this way, SESVanderHave can optimize plant growth.

Always the perfect climate

All climate conditions can be controlled, allowing SESVanderHave to create the ideal growing environment for every plant. The result: homogeneous flowering of the sugar beet plants.

Individual climate control in each room

All the heating systems for more than thirty greenhouse departments can be controlled separately, allowing their young plants to grow in a more uniform fashion, without being disturbed by the vagaries of the weather.

Precise control

All growth chambers are equipped with a Certhon Fytotron control system by which all the environmental conditions are monitored and controlled with the finest precision.

Cooling systems to pollinate the plants

During the pollination phase, cooling systems are used to generate wind.

GEN-tech to destroy bacteria

With an autoclave system, harmful bacteria and microorganisms are being destroyed by pressurized steam.

A sustainable energy supply

We have installed an Aquifier Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) to store to heat and cold that is being produced. The stored energy can be used later on to create the ideal climate for the crops.

“The collaboration with Certhon has helped us to realize our ambitions. Certhon has met our high expectations, including for the climate of our greenhouses and phytotrons, for the LED lighting that was specifically developed for us. Since 2016 we have experienced that the Certhon installations are very reliable and if something is sometimes defective, the service is very effective.”
Jean-Joseph Gilles Greenhouse Technical Manager - SESVanderHave


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Martin Veenstra Sales Consultant
John van der Sande Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)