The largest and sustainable certified organic hemp supply chain in the desert

Silver Lion Farms, Nevada, USA


Visionaries and founders Gian Khalsa and Tracy Saville started Silver Lion Farms driven by the mission of Helping Millions. Silver Lions Farms is one of the first and one of the largest organic hemp farms and CBD extraction facilities in the United States. A completely vertically integrated USDA Certified Organic hemp farm that produces standardized, premium, high-percentage CBD for the world’s largest CPG companies. Today, they produce 20,000lbs of premium hemp CBD flower multiple times a year, distributed to leading brands and innovative sectors across the United States of America.

Crop Hemp
Size 24.000m2
Location Ely, Nevada, USA
Type Traditional Greenhouse
Client Silver Lion Farms

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

Growing in the desert

Growing hemp in the middle of the desert, where the temperature can easily rise up to 50 degrees, that was the biggest challenge. But definitely one that Certhon embraced.

Fully automated

Water and electrical conservation are completely automated by using irrigation-booms, LED lighting and black-out curtains.

Integrated logistics

The internal logistics is integrated and they are growing on mobile growing tables. It is a step to growing autonomous.

Smart climate control

With advanced heating, cooling and venting systems, Silver Lion Farms can achieve the highest quality.

A water and energy saving greenhouse

Due to a semi-closed greenhouse and because all technology is integrated, Silver Lion Farms saves significantly on water and energy.

This is Silver Lion Farms

This is Silver Lion Farms

“We have a mission of helping millions by providing organic ingredients and products, all through fully sustainable means; Certhon has been a great partner in helping us bring our mission to life.”
Bob Kurilko Chief Executive Officer


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Richard van der Sande Commercial Director (CCO)