In our approach, the plant is central to the whole process. Our agronomists are true ‘plant whisperers’ and know exactly what each plant needs. Their role is to advise and provide support, from the very beginning of the process.

Our innovative solutions

Certhon Innovation Centre

In the world’s largest in-house research laboratory, our agronomists and engineers investigate, test and prove the most innovative cultivation formulas and systems. For exceptional results, exactly the way you want them.


We conduct research into cultivation formulas, growth conditions and crop growing systems to provide data analyses that offer you all the assurance you need. We also carry out crop cultivation trials. Specifically tailored to your question or ambition. As a result, you receive the best advice on the optimal growth factors for your choice of crop in the situation you have specified. For example, we engage in research on soft fruits, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and herbs.


Curious about the possibilities and results we could achieve for you? Our international team would love to assist you: +31 174 225080.

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