Smarter tomato harvesting.
It starts today.

Cleaner and more efficient harvesting for tomorrow. The Certhon Harvest Robot shows what is possible when you combine smart technology, ambition and cultivation knowledge.


The Certhon Harvest Robot opens a new world for smarter harvesting. And this is just the beginning.


Rethink the way you harvest

The Certhon Harvest Robot detects, cuts and transports your tomatoes to boxes all by itself. And the best thing is: the deep-learning technology will make the robot smarter with each harvest. With the data it provides, you can eventually forecast and plan your best growth yet.

Certhon Harvest Robot

01. Detects
The robot can detect the fruits and sense which tomatoes are ready for harvesting thanks to vision technology.


02. Cuts
The scissors are multifunctional and can grab and cut the tomatoes all in one.


03. Transports
After the tomatoes have been cut, the flexible arm transports the tomatoes to the harvesting box.


04. Learns
Thanks to deep-learning technology, the harvest robot gets smarter with each harvest.

High tech horticulture at its best

High tech horticulture at its best


Unique skills



In the near future, the Certhon Harvest Robot can also scout the yield and measure the climate and health of the plant, including the functionality to protect for pests and diseases.



Detects, approaches, cuts, holds, and transports the product to the harvesting box.



Moves in multiple directions to find the optimum position and route for harvesting.



Thanks to smart cameras and lighting, the robot can harvest day and night.

“For decades, the mission of my family and I has been to reinvent growing systems. This is a new era with the perfect cooperation between human and machine.”

Founder & CINO - Chief Innovation Officer Certhon

The perfect mix: the world's leading robotics experts plus the number one innovator in horticulture

Our partner in Robotics is the Japanese DENSO. DENSO has been a leader and pioneer in manufacturing automation, including the design and manufacturing of industrial robot arms, since the 1960s. DENSO robotics tech is widely applied in Agriculture, which are used worldwide. The Certhon Harvest Robot is the next step in autonomous growing and is based on existing robot technologies. Certhon Harvest Robot shows what you can achieve when you combine smart technology with ambitious people and horticultural knowledge.


Do you want to know how robotics can simplify your operating processes? We are delighted to hear more about your situation and wishes and we would like to tell you all about the possiblities, for your situation.

Timo Kleijwegt Sales Consultant