Harvesting your cherry tomatoes autonomously.

Smarter tomato harvesting. It starts today. By combining smart technology, ambition and cultivation knowledge, we have developed Artemy. Artemy is the brand-new cherry tomato harvesting robot, fully automated so it can operate 24/7.


Automatic lane change means Artemy can move between different lanes, done in a completely safe manner. Excellent detection of 98%, even under all sorts of LED, is done by Artemy with ease. A revolution in the harvesting world of tomatoes.

Artemy Harvest Robot at Night

Rethink the way you harvest

Artemy is a harvest robot developed jointly by DENSO and Certhon. The robot is equipped with advanced vision technology for scanning the crop and operates completely automatically both day and night. Artemy has an automatic lane change function, utilizing image recognition technology to recognize obstacles so it can move to adjacent running lanes. In addition, Artemy has several other functions, such as automatic replacement and transfer of crates, which reduce heavy work for growers.

How Artemy operates

01. Detects
Artemy detects the fruits and figures out which tomatoes are ready for harvesting thanks to impressive vision technology.


02. Cuts
The scissors are multifunctional and grab and cut the tomatoes all at once, in the correct position.


03. Transports
After the tomatoes have been cut, the flexible arm puts the tomatoes in the harvesting box gently to keep it at its best quality.


04. Learns
Thanks to deep-learning technology, the harvest robot gets faster and smarter with each harvest.

High tech horticulture at its best

High tech horticulture at its best


Unique skills

Artemy Automatic Lane Change

Automatic lane change

A long awaited function. Artemy can change lanes automatically, utilizing sensors and image recognition technology to recognize obstacles and lanes so it can move to wherever it needs to be next.

Artemy Scissors

Self disinfecting scissors

Safety is important, also for the plants. That’s why Artemy can disinfect its scissors. How often can be determined by the grower, either after every cut or at the end of every lane.

Artemy Crate Change

Automatic crate change

Artemy operates with six crates that it fills continuously. When one crate is full, the robot switches the full crate with an empty one ready and continues harvesting in just a few seconds.

Artemy Crate Transfer

Automatic crate transfer

Once all six crates stored on Artemy itself are full, it’s time for a crate transfer. Artemy will find the specially created trolley and will transfer the full crates and collect six new ones at the same time. When completed, Artemy will get back to work.

Certhon & DENSO
The perfect mix

World's leading robotics experts plus the number one innovator in horticulture

Our partner in Robotics is the Japanese DENSO. DENSO has been a leader and pioneer in manufacturing automation, including the design and manufacturing of industrial robot arms, since the 1960s. DENSO robotics tech is widely applied in agriculture worldwide. Artemy is the next step in autonomous cultivation and is based on existing robot technologies. Artemy shows what you can achieve when you combine smart technology with ambitious people and horticultural knowledge.


Do you want to know how robotics can simplify your operating processes? We are delighted to hear more about your situation and wishes and we would like to tell you all about the possiblities, for your situation.

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