Our guarantee

Results count. We give you added assurance with our Growth Guarantee in every growing environment we create.


We guarantee the optimal conditions for each crop where as few crop protection products as possible are needed. A greenhouse construction that can handle all weather conditions and the smartest infrastructure to tackle employment challenges. Guaranteed.

Plant Guarantee

The optimal conditions for every crop. The pre-calculated harvest yield, possibly with the quality and nutrients we have tested in advance. The result: optimal growing performance with minimal pesticide use.

Technical Guarantee

You receive precise calculations relating to climate, energy, water security and light security. We also calculate the load that the greenhouse structure can withstand – hurricanes, heavy snow loads and extremely strong gusts of wind. We give you a guarantee for all types of weather.

Labour Guarantee

A smart infrastructure for maximum labour efficiency, both in production and in research environments. Or the use of robots to reduce manual labour.


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