Ultra-fresh lettuce thanks to innovative and highly controllable cultivation

Deliscious, Beesel, The Netherlands


Dutch lettuce grower Deliscious can supply a high-quality, uniform top product all year round, thanks in part to the closed and highly controlled cultivation system in which they grow the lettuce. This allows them to supply fresh, clean root-ball lettuce all year round, with a long shelf life. Quality, freshness and reliability are guaranteed all year round thanks to this process.

Certhon has built four indoor farms in which they grow seeds into young root-ball lettuce plants. The indoor farm is a closed room 8 metres high without daylight. The lettuce plants are fully exposed by means of LED lamps. Each climate chamber consists of seven cultivation layers with a total cultivation area of 5,600m².

Crop Lettuce
Size 5600m2
Location Beesel, The Netherlands
Type Indoor Farm
Client Deliscious


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Jeffrey van der Sande Area Sales Manager