Where urban farming of lettuce meets aquaponics, fish farming

ECF Farm Berlin, Germany


In Berlin, one of the world’s most modern urban aquaponics facilities has been build. The ECF Farm Berlin is located at the Malt Factory and combines fish farming with vegetable cultivation. Regional ‘capital city perch’ and fresh ‘capital city basil’ are coming straight from this farm, for both retailers and consumers.


Crop Fish and basil
Size 1.800m2
Location Berlin, Germany
Type Traditional Greenhouse
Client ECF Farm Berlin

Unique results

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Resource efficient

By using an aquaponics growing system, the company can produce more on a smaller surface, allowing them to grow more sustainably.

Increased yield

Because the demand for production increased, they needed to grow vertical. Now they produce 35% more on the same surface, resulting in 7.500 pots per week.

Diversity in Sales

ECF Berlin supplies the cultivated basil to Germany's largest retailers and they sell the fish directly to consumers. Because the greenhouse is built on a former beer site, in the middle of the city, there is direct interaction with the consumer. Cultivation is local, sustainable and fresh.

Year-round production

Thanks to innovative lighting, ECF Berlin can produce the same amount and quality even during the harsh German winters.

"There has been a huge increase in production for us, thanks to the smart growing systems. Before, we weren’t able to grow year-round, but now we can guarantee the same quality and outcome 365 days a year."
Nicolas Leschke Founder and CEO – ECF Farm Systems


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Jeffrey van der Sande Area Sales Manager