Combination of innovative technologies provides energy extraction

Koppert Cress, The Netherlands


Efficiency and sustainability are core values at Certhon. Together with our esteemed client, Koppert Cress, we have created an impressive system that utilizes energy in a revolutionary way. By combining multiple innovative technologies, such as the JSK cooling systems, heat pumps, and surface water cooling, Koppert Cress can harvest energy and store excess heat in a highly efficient manner. This enables them to heat the greenhouse in winter using the stored summer heat, resulting in substantial cost savings and a significant reduction in ecological impact.

Crop Cresses and edible flowers & plants
Location The Netherlands
Type Energy solutions
Customer Koppert Cress

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

Heat and cold storage (WKO)

Our passion and expertise led to the design and installation of an advanced WKO installation, developing the necessary hardware and software.

JSK system

A unique cooling system that ensures an evenly distributed climate in the greenhouse through clever air circulation. Each JSK is equipped with temperature control, individual ventilation control and a heat exchanger, giving you full control over the greenhouse climate. 

Aquathermy system

With this system, Koppert Cress' greenhouses are heated in a highly efficient and sustainable way by using natural heat from surface water, such as in ditches. With the addition of aquathermy system, Koppert Cress has an even more sustainable solution to heat their greenhouses.

Cost savings

Using natural heat sources and storing heat efficiently helps save costs and reduce ecological impact. At Certhon, we are delighted to contribute to a more sustainable future for the horticultural sector together with Koppert Cress.

This is Koppert Cress

This is Koppert Cress

"WKO pays off! Our greenhouse has expanded fourfold, while gas consumption has decreased."
Rob Baan Owner Koppert Cress


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Jeffrey van der Sande Area Sales Manager
John van der Sande Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)