Year-round high-end tasty tomatoes because of steady ideal climate

Le Jardin de Rabelais, France


To serve the high-end market with his piccolo tomatoes, Le Jardin de Rabelais focuses on the highest level of flavour. He achieves this by being able to control the climate in his greenhouse down to the last detail as well as by getting as much light as possible into his greenhouse all year round. It is an ingenious interplay of greenhouse, ventilation, cooling, irrigation and automatic control.

Crop Tomatoes
Size 150.000m2
Location Chinon, France
Type Semi-closed greenhouse: SuprimAir
Client Le Jardin de Rabelais

Unique results

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Temperature and humidity can be controlled to precision, achieving an ideal indoor climate. The ideal indoor climate enables Le Jardin de Rabelais to produce top-quality tomatoes all year round.

SuprimAir with LED top lighting

The combination SuprimAir greenhouse with LED top lighting, results in a state-of-the-art greenhouse with relatively low energy consumption and a year-round ideal climate.

Outside air mixed with greenhouse air

The outdoor air drawn in is humidified in the pad wall. Our innovative system creates an optimum mix of outside air and greenhouse air in the corridor, allowing the humidity to be controlled very precisely.

This is Le Jardin de Rabelais

This is Le Jardin de Rabelais

"I can say that because you achieve a more even climate inside and have more CO2, the SuprimAir can increase production compared to a conventional greenhouse. Ultimately, the production increase on an annual basis is about 10 percent."
Pascal Delahaye Owner Le Jardin de Rabelais


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Jeffrey van der Sande Area Sales Manager