World’s first commercial-scale indoor farm for growing fresh tomatoes, in the desert

Madar Farms, Abu Dhabi


Local tomato production with on one side the desert and on the other side a harbor while using as little natural resources as possible: that’s Madar Farms. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience in this area, we are guiding this project from beginning to end. From design, consultancy, system integration and construction. We are realizing a technology-driven farm for the most sustainable food production, with excellent, year-round produce. Fresh produce is going to find its way to both top chefs in the UAE as well as consumers by growing tastefully Coeur de Boeuf and harvesting on the best moment.

Crop Tomatoes, cresses
Size 5.000m2
Location Khalifa Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi
Type Indoor Farm
Client Madar Farms

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

Growing in a 50 degrees desert

Growing nutritious tomatoes in the desert on a commercial scale is surely possible. Fresh tomatoes and cresses are going to be available year-round and will find their way to chefs in the highest segment.

Tested in our Certhon Innovation Centre

We conducted several trials with different type of crops in our own Innovation Centre to find the best crop and cultivation recipes for this specific project.

50% less water usage

Every water flow is being reused. The result: the farm uses 50% less water per kilogram of tomatoes compared to other high-tech tomato greenhouses.

Fully electric

Thanks to renewable energy sources, this indoor farm is run entirely electrically.

Autonomous growing

Thanks to the most advanced greenhouse technologies available today, Madar Farms may even be able to grow completely autonomously in time.

"Certhon is more than just a greenhouse constructor for us; they are a patient partner focused on delivering mutual long term success."
Kyle Wagner Head of Operations at Madar Farms


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Martin Veenstra Sales Consultant
Damion Schwarzkachel Sales Manager