Intensive collaboration for ultimate greenhouse energy-efficiency

Opti-flor, The Netherlands


Opti-flor and Certhon have had a close collaboration since the late 1990s in the efficient generation and optimal use of energy in greenhouses. By linking and renovating existing systems and developing new systems, Certhon ensures that Opti-flor’s greenhouses are heated and cooled as efficiently as possible. All locations are directly or indirectly connected to the geothermal network by Certhon, significantly reducing energy costs.

With the five-star quality that Opti-flor pursues for its Phalaenopsis as the main objective, Opti-flor and Certhon work together to optimize energy supply and reduce energy consumption. The collaboration is intensive and based on mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise. Challenges are regularly discussed over a cup of coffee, and solutions are devised to make processes smarter and/or cheaper. Opti-flor presents the challenges, and Certhon considers how to tackle them as efficiently as possible. For example, they work together on issues such as ‘what is the most energy-efficient way to cool down?’, ‘how can we keep the temperature of the return water as low as possible?’, “how can we dehumidify the air in the most efficient way?’, and ‘how can emergency cooling be realized and how can the costs be limited?’.

Crop Phalaenopsis
Client Opti-flor
Location The Netherlands