State-of-the-art greenhouse technology for premium organic cannabis

Sunens, Canada


Growing high-quality organic cannabis with the best JSK cooling systems was the starting point of Peter Quiring, CEO of Sunens. This innovative way of cooling, heating and dehumidifying allows Sunens to control the climate in the greenhouse very precisely. Sunens Farms believes we have built the ultimate cannabis growing facility together, due to this unique climate system, with its smart air circulation: “After spending several years researching cannabis facility design and optimal growing environments and having more than 25 years of experience building thousands of acres of high-tech, world-class greenhouses across North America, we have built what we believe to be the ultimate cannabis growing facility. We have also worked hard to be a leader in the industry.  Our objective is to produce the highest quality organic cannabis at the lowest cost possible,” said Peter Quiring, President &CEO of Sunens.



Crop Cannabis
Size 100.000m2
Location Sunens, Canada
Type Traditional Greenhouse
Client Sunens Farms

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

A complete climate system

By sharing our knowledge about climate and growing cells with Sunens Farms they are able to heat, cool and dehumidify the greenhouse with our JSK coolers. All tailored to the needs of the cannabis plants.

Innovative JSK Installations

JSK installations ensure an optimal climate in the growth chambers by being able to cool as well as heat and dehumidify the growth chambers.

A fully prefabricated cooling installation

Due to very good preparations, the greenhouse was operational in a minimum amount of days. With around 95% of the project being prefabricated, you can say this was a plug-and-play project.

Huge cooling capacity for growing cannabis

The tailer-made system is capable of providing up to 25MW of cooling capacity.

Sunens Farms

Sunens Farms

“The design and delivery of a large-scale modular cooling plant for Sunens Farms is the perfect example of collaboration to deliver the perfect climate solution for our customers.”
Jonathan Dick Sales & Design Manager - South Essex Fabricating


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Richard van der Sande Commercial Director