A fully sustainably heated greenhouse by using the free power of the sun

Tesselaar, The Netherlands


Tesselaar Freesia specializes in the year-round cultivation of Freesias in the Netherlands. These Freesias are still grown in the ground, with a layer of coconut as a covering.

Tesselaar Freesia’s greenhouse is heated exclusively by energy from thermal solar collectors, which are located on the field next to the greenhouse. This field consists of 9,300 square meters of net collector surface area. These thermal solar collectors can heat six hectares of greenhouses, equivalent to a heat output of 500,000 cubic meters of gas. The control and installations needed to efficiently use the solar heat were installed by Certhon.


Crop Freesia
Size 50.000m2
Location Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
Type climate control & installations
Client Tesselaar

CHP, above and underground storage.

When the sun shines during the day, the heat is used directly to heat the greenhouses. There is also a 1,300 m³ storage tank under the site. Here the pre-heated water is stored and drawn upon at night to heat the greenhouses.  In winter, Tesselaar Freesia can benefit much less from solar energy. There is a solution for this.  All the heated water produced in excess in the summer is stored in the ground in a thermal storage system (WKO). In winter, a heat pump extracts the heat from the ground to heat the greenhouses. And in summer, the heat pump can be used to cool the greenhouses. In this way, only natural sources of heat are used and there is a constant temperature in the greenhouses.

"We can harvest a lot of heat with the solar thermal collectors. However, we had to deploy that in the right way, because then we have the most heat when we need it the least. That's why Certhon was the number one company to help us out and make this all work."
Pip Tesselaar Owner


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