Only the best lettuce for Michelin-starred chefs from the UK

Westland Nurseries, UK


In the heart of the UK, lettuce from Westland Nurseries, the UK’s largest grower of micro-leaves, is grown fully automated.  Known for their exceptionally high and consistent quality, these lettuces are used by top Michelin-starred chefs in the UK, premium sandwich manufacturers and foodservice sectors. In its fully automated greenhouse, Westland Nurseries grows red and green lettuces that are processed and pre-packaged on site for premium markets.

Westland Nurseries has been established in the UK since the late 1940s. They are the largest UK grower of micro-leaves and special edibles ranging from micro-leaves, edible flowers, Salicornia, watercress and speciality tomatoes.

In building the fully automated lettuce greenhouse, Certhon was directly involved in the project from the very first concept stage through to design and installation. The installation included construction of the greenhouse, heating, lighting, screens and mobile gutter system.

Crop Lettuce
Size 14000m2
Location Offenham, United Kingdom
Type Fully utomated Greenhouse & installations
Client Westland Nurseries


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André van Dam Sales Manager