Year-round premium quality produce in the desert thanks to SuprimAir system

Pure Harvest, Abu Dhabi


While only 5% of the land of the UAE is considered cultivable, Pure Harvest was looking for technologies that would allow them to grow nutritious tomatoes year-round in the middle of the desert. While having all the knowledge and expertise under one roof, we knew what to do. The build of the Certhon SuprimAir greenhouse is a major step towards food security in the Gulf region. At the moment it is possible for Pure Harvest, despite the extreme climate, to produce 500 tons of fresh and healthy tomatoes every year for the retail market, with minimum use of water, energy and raw materials.

Crop Tomatoes
Size 7.000m2
Location Nahil, Abu Dhabi
Type Semi-closed Greenhouse: SuprimAir
Customer Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Unique results

We give every project our fullest attention. Collaborating with you and exceeding your expectations. Resulting in exceptional highlights for this project too:

A perfect climate for growing

With an ingeniously designed cooling system, in which it is possible to switch between an adiabatic process and mechanical cooling day and night, the right climate conditions are always achieved. Certhon's SuprimAir design with a climate corridor that works as a mixing chamber, helps to make the best energy choices on every moment of the day and year. The greenhouse is also passively equipped with a smart shell, through the use of energy screens and special glass in the deck.

Minimal water usage

Thanks to hydroponic drip irrigation, including full reuse of irrigation water, water consumption is minimized.

Sustainable production

Through the application of over-pressure, computer-controlled efficient ventilation and cooling, the non-use of pesticides, a hydroponic drip-irrigation system and complete re-use of irrigation water tomatoes are grown very sustainable.

At least 15% more yield

Compared to a traditional greenhouse, the yearly yield is at least 15% higher. Local produce is now also available in the summer months for the UAE, with the same uniform quality as any other season.

A true knowledge partner for growing anything, anywhere

Before we got started, we’ve developed climate analyses and models to see what the best solution would be for this project. Because the weather can vary much in the desert, we simulated different types of technologies and decided to build a hybrid semi-closed greenhouse for Pure Harvest that can handle any climate. Heat, humid, cold, drought all outside circumstances are controlled for an inside stable climate.

"If you invest on such a high level, everything should be right. We therefore combined Dutch knowledge of Certhon with local expertise to get the best possible result."
Sky Kurtz Co-founder & CEO Pure Harvest Smart Farms


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Richard van der Sande Commercial Director (CCO)
Damion Schwarzkachel Sales Manager