Balancing everything the sun has to offer and optimising for exactly what your crop needs. With SupriSun, our new greenhouse concept, you as grower are in full control of light levels. Focusing not only on homogeneity, but also on adjustability of the light. Together with the use of climate systems, you have the control you’d expect in an indoor farm but without the attached energy costs. Innovation at its best.


Highly-controlled environment

The optimal light conditions for every crop, no matter its position in the greenhouse. With special shadow screens and dimmable LEDs, SupriSun allows you to create an amazingly consistent amount of light in the greenhouse. The result: controllability at an incredible level.

Reduced energy consumption

With rising energy prices and climate change, it is vital to stay innovative and reduce energy consumption. And that is exactly what SupriSun does, by using the power of the sun.

Calculated for your climate

The setup of your screens and LEDs is highly dependent on the location, its climate, and more. Using our in-house developed software, Certhon can calculate beforehand exactly how your screens should move and provide a very accurate estimate of energy consumption.

In full control of the amount of light


Utilizing the power of the sun

The highest costs of an indoor farm are mostly the lighting, while the sun is outside shining for free. If you can reduce on the electricity, it makes a significant difference. Another reason is that the consumer demand permanent is. They want continuous access to good food. So we want to remain seasonally independent, but utilise what nature provides.

Computer - Control

Proactively controlling the climate

While greenhouses work mostly with a reactive process, an indoor farm instead gives you actively control of the temperature and moisture balance in the growing facility. There is no need to open up windows or vents to when moisture gets up. There is no change of moisture getting up, because of the climate system and the parameter that has been set. The climate system regulates it constantly to get and keep the best climate for the plants to grow.

Gronos Indoor Farming Automation

Combining two innovations

When combining Gronos with SupriSun you create a controlled environment, without the high energy costs. Be certain of your outcome and consistent of your quality, season-independent.


Sun, screens and lights in collaboration

Our in-house developed algorithm constantly combines solar radiation with the screens and lights. This Certhon software calculates exactly how your screens should move and what the amount of light should be. All to maintain indoor stability and predictability.

How SupriSun works

How SupriSun works

“You may think of it as an indoor farm, but with significantly less energy use because you're utilizing the power of the sun.”
John van der Sande Co-founder and CINO Certhon


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